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Our benefits

2-Year Warranty

If you encounter any problems during the warranty period, we will carry out the warranty repair operatively or make a replacement to a new product


We use the original tubes from 60-80s


Reliability and quality of our products can confirm hundreds of our satisfied customers


Our craftsmen are highly experienced in this sphere:
from 12 to 40 years

International shipping

We are located in Moscow (Russia), but we constantly send parcels worldwide and also we have a warehouse in New Jersey, USA


Cases of our clocks are produced of quality materials: solid wood (oak, ash, merbau, etc.), original leather, brass, stainless steel and others


Nixie tubes mounted in the clock are capable to work 20-30 years without loss of brightness


We are ready to produce for you a large batch of clock

How to get the clock

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Order options

(gift inscription, individual clock case and others)


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You are lucky

to own nixie tube clock

About us in numbers

4 years

We are producing our clocks
for almost 4 years

2000 clocks

We have produced and sold more than 2000 clocks

8000 people

More than 8.000 people a day support us on our pages in social networks

27 countries

Our clock found their buyers in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, France, Korea, Israel and others

2012 year

The first copy of our clock is working nonstop since June 2012 without any breakdowns and replacement of tubes

8 exhibitions

We participated in 8 exhibitions (including Geek Picnic, Paro-Park and others)

6 craftsmen

6 craftsmen are working in our workshop


  • Giancarlo Frisiero

    Excellent clock.

    I’m very happy with my purchase of a Past Indicator Nixie Clock Часы II (ясень, латунь, на лампах ИН-14).

    When I received it I was first impressed by the very classy packaging that caught my eye, other than that it was wrapped in plastic foam so that it get to my house without damage.

    The clock itself is very well built and solid, nixie tubes are marked from the '70s, and give it a particular vintage style.

    The wooden case is simply fantastic, like an artisanal masterpiece...

    Commands are simple and enclosed in the package there is an english guide for whom (like me) who doesn't understand Cyrillic.

    I had to wait 15 days to get it, but just because it was stucked at the Italian Customs.

    If I have to give a vote to my past-indicator clock I'd give it a FULL TEN (on a scale from one to ten, of course), and I strongly recommend its purchase.

    Keep up with the good work…

  • olivegend

    Parfait. Super bon vendeur . À recommander !!!!

  • Adrian Ouarar

    The clock is a very fine piece of craftsmanship. Very original and beautiful. There was some shipping damage and Past Indicator has been very helpful and forthcoming in resolving this issue. A shop to be recommended.

  • pewexewep

    Time has never looked so good! Russian Crafted Perfection!

  • psychoaccess

    I'm so glad I purchased from here. Great communication, shipping was very quick, and my fiancé absolutely loved his gift. It looks fantastic on his new desk and he or I couldn't be happier with it. It makes me want a second one for the living room. Thank you!


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Nixie Tube Clock

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about our nixie tube device

Sole proprietor Vadim S Antonov
Moscow, Russia (main office and production)
Nevada, USA (affiliate)