Vostok-2 Black

type: Red ebony




Retro tube clock

Retro tube clock “Red Ebony” Vostok-2 Black Model is a premium clock model from Past Indicator made of abachi solid wood with ebony veneer and brass. Due to the use in the production of noble varieties of wood, the model has the most textured surface, with a pleasant, light roughness. With a certain light it has a delicate reddish-brown hue. Will perfectly fit into a classic interior of a living room or a strict study of English classics.

In addition to the spectacular visual component, the model is equipped with a wide functionality:
- 2 alarm clocks
- 2 modes of changing numbers
- LED backlight (switchable)
- adjustable brightness
- sleep mode
- 3 date formats: Russian, American, Asian
To save lamp life, sleep mode and fast change of numbers from 0 to 9 every 10 minutes are provided. The service life of nixie tubes is up to 30 years, implemented the ability to replace without soldering.

""Red Ebony"" Vostok-2 Black retro tube clock is available in premium black gold-embossed packaging, gift certificate and extended 5 year warranty.